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    Single Glass Shelf Wall mounted glass shelves Item No.: LSD-1211B Material of holder: Brass Glass type: Tempered glass Surface treatment: Polishing Picture of product: Related products: LSD-1209 Single towel rail LSD-1210 Double towel rail LSD-1206B Paper holder LSD-1206D Paper holder The latest news: Bathroom towel bar shopping skills 1. Quality is the key point of purchasing towel bars. The materials of towel bars are mainly made of stainless steel, plastic, copper and so on, among which the copper towel bars are the best. Although the price is relatively high, the quality is better and the cost performance is high, but when purchasing, you should also choose according to your personal economic situation. 2. Because the bathroom is relatively humid, when choosing towel bars, you can choose towel bars with good moisture-proof and corrosion-proof properties. 3. When purchasing, you can feel the towel bar and see if the hanging bar is smooth enough. You can wipe it back and forth with gloves to see if the lacquer pieces and other materials fall off. If so, it is not suitable to buy.Single Glass Shelf website:http://www.xybathroomaccessorie.com/glass-shelf/single-glass-shelf/