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    Valve Introduction Emergency cut-off valve, also known as safety cut-off valve, means that in the event of an emergency, the valve will be quickly closed or opened to avoid the occurrence of accidents. The emergency cut-off valve has excellent technical performance, low load loss and high reliability. It is installed on the liquefied petroleum gas (gas), liquid ammonia and gas phase pipeline, and is used with the remote gas source. It uses the gas source to control the valve opening and closing, so that when a large number of leaks or even fires occur on the pipeline or storage tank, it can quickly start the pressure relief of the gas source and play the role of safety protection. The emergency cut-off valve is a kind of valve of the actuator in the automation system. It is composed of the multi-spring pneumatic thin film actuator or floating piston actuator and the regulating valve. It receives the signal of the regulating instrument and controls the cutting off, connecting or switching of the fluid in the process pipeline. The emergency shut-off valve is a combination of the advantages of globe valve, check valve and pneumatic valve, with simple structure, sensitive response, reliable action and so on. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and other industrial production sectors. The air source of the emergency shut-off valve requires filtered compressed air or dry nitrogen, and the medium flowing through the valve body should be free of impurities and particles. Working Principle Air source through two three-way solenoid valve, drive the valve quickly closed or opened; The emergency shut-off valve can also be operated manually. It has the advantage of closing quickly, closing time only 1-2S. Main Application Connect with combustible gas leakage monitoring instrument, when the instrument detects flammable gas leakage, automatically and quickly close the main gas supply valve, cut off the gas supply, in time to prevent the occurrence of malignant accidents. Connected with the pressure transmitter, when the pressure exceeds the pressure transmitter setting, the pneumatic valve will be opened automatically to remove the pressure and prevent the pipeline from breaking. (Suitable for liquid outlet pipe, such as safety valve failure, play a secondary protection role; Set the value, generally higher than the safety valve take-off pressure. Connected with the temperature sensor, when the temperature is higher than the set value, the pneumatic valve automatically opens to accelerate the precooling of the pump (suitable for automatic air return emptying to prevent empty car). 聽Valve website:http://www.zoiun.com/valve/